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"Kâla" - Time
Solo Bharata Natyam recital
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"Kamala" - Lotus flower
Solo Bharata Natyam recital
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I don't remember when I was embraced by dance but I do acknowledge from early on the taste of joy and freedom out of its expression and a deep physical release.

Along the way and after experiencing ballet, I discovered contemporary dance, Tai chi chuan, butô, Argentine tango and Indian classical Bharata natyam.

I took the way of dance when I passed the audition for PARTS contemporary dance school and moved to Brussels in 2000.
The same year I felt I should dedicate time to deepen Bharatha natyam and Argentine tango as I was drawn into these languages complementing each other from their far distant lands and approach to movement.

Baratha Natyam is a solo dance, born in south Indian temples more than two thousand years ago, earthly rhythmical, sculptural and expressive, referring to the ancient and sacred texts of India. Tango is an embraced dance, born at the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Finding a moving balance between these two expressions, I wish to continue learning, teaching and performing these forms, transmitting what still inspire, move and make me understand a broader space than just the physical body and cultural identity

I would like to thank the teachers who have inspired me on this neverending journey

José Cazeneuve


Sucheta Chapekar

Ganga Mira

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Curriculum Vitae

Pauline Reibell
Sweden: 0046 70 816 69 52
France: 00336 31 52 86 55


Indian classical dance

2016-2012	Dancer in the company, ATMA, choreographer: Mayuri Boonham.
		Creation "The Magic fish", premiered at "the Place", London, July 2016
		Creation Ex Nihilo, which premiered at the Royal Opera house in April 2014
		Creation and touring of Shivaloka, Ghatam (UK).

2008-2006	Dancer in the Company, ANGIKA, based in London
		Creating and touring Urban Temple, Ether, Bhakti and Cypher (UK and Europe)

Since 2004	Bharata Natyam solo recitals (India, Europe and Argentina)

		Kamala, creation 2014 performed in Mandapa (Paris)

		Prakriti Purusha, Bharata Natyam duet with the mridangist Satish Krishnamurthy,
		Mandapa, 2011

		Margam, Bharata Natyam solo recital, Mandapa and Buenos aires, 2010

		Bharata Natyam Arangetram, first solo recital acompagned by Sucheta Chapekar
		and carnatic musicians in 2004 (Bombay)

		Nritya ganga Arangetram acompagned by Sucheta Chapekar
		and hindustani musicians in 2005 (Poona)

Contemporary dance

2017		Performer in "The Cleaner", a retrospective of Marina Abramovic work,
		Moderna museet and Eric Ericsom Hallen (Stockholm)

2016		Dancer in the creation "Kamouflage-monster I rorelse",
		Director: Katja Seitajoki.
		Performances at MDT, Turteatern (Stockholm), Inkonst (Malmo)

2009		Dancer in the Haendel Opera, Admeto
		Director: Doris Dorrie, choreographer: Tadashi Endo (Buto) MAMU theatre
		Performed in Gottingen (Germany) and Edinburgh Festival National Theatre

2007		Dancer improviser in Handsdancefeet and Totentanz
		Artistic Director : Sheela Raj
		Genova Festival (Italy), Stuttgart, Ulm (Germany)

2003		Dancer in Le Coq d'or, opera of Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov
		Choregraphy inspired by the art of kabuki : Kanshino Fujima
		Theatre du Chatelet, (Paris)

1999		Dancer in the Creation Le Ballet Mecanique
		Choregrapher : Anne Meteier
		Cafe de la Gare (Paris), Beyrouth Theatre (Libanon)

Argentinian tango

2013-2011	Dancer in the west end production Midnight Tango (Aldwich Theatre,
		Phoenix Theatre in London and UK tour)

2012		Dancer in Terra Tango, commissioned for the Gant music festival,
		Theatre Capitole, Belgium

2007-2005	Regular teaching and tango exhibitions with Richard Manuel and tango bands:
		Tango Volcano ( Tango!Tango!, show directed by Justin Pearson, UK tour)
		Tango Siempre ( Tango Motion, dance concert performed in St James Theatre,
		London, June 2014, and UK tour)


Indian classical dance

2005-2003	Scholarship student  from ICCR and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
		Bharata Natyam, under the guidance of Sucheta Chapekar (Poona)

2003		Bharata Natyam training with Malavika (Paris)

Ballet and contemporary dance

2001-2000	Dance scholarship student in PARTS
		(performing arts research and training studios), (Brussels)

Since 1999	Ballet training with Anne Meteier, Wilfride Piollet,
		Alexandre de la Caffiniere (Paris)
		Contemporary training with Jose Caseneuve, Peter Goss School (Paris)


-2017		Ashtanga: 2 year apprenticeship with Laruga Glaser and David Fredriksson, Stockholm
2017		Pregnancy yoga teacher training with Sofia Elmstrom (Stockholm, 2017)
2007-2004	Iyengar (Poona and Paris)


-2008--2000	Tai Chi Quan, Centre Vlady Stevanovitch (Paris)
-Singing Polyphony with Dounia Depoorter (Brussels), Gospel with Natasha Maratrat (Paris),
 tango with Ana Karina Rossi (Uruguay)
-Buto with Tadashi Endo (Gottingen)
-Theatre with Yoshi Oida (Paris)


2000		Bilingual professional Certificate of French and French sign language
		SERAC (Paris)

1999		DEUG degree (General Academic Studies Diploma) in Performing Arts (major cinema)
		Universite Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle (passed with distinction)

1995		Baccalaureat (major economics), (passed with distinction)


Fluent: French, English, Spanish and FSL (French Sign Language).
Intermediate: Swedish

YogaDance from the Indian tradition - 17 April

Bharatha Natyam, one of the Indian classical dances from south India, was born in the temples more than two thousand years ago. Earthly rhythmical, sculptural and expressive, this dance form is also considered a yoga since it refers to the ancient and sacred texts. As an Ashtanga yoga practitioner, I experienced the very close relationship between Bharata Natyam and Yoga.

The class embraces the principles of Bharata Natyam, yoga and Kalaripayattu, the ancient Indian martial art.

Asana is the art of finding your seat, with confort, mindfulness and conscious breathing, through the different geometric forms the body takes. The art of Bharata Natyam is focused inwardly, to find the deep connection with the subject of the dance compositions we learn, ranging from abstract to narrative dance, as well as to be equally aware of the alignement and expended lines of the body.

We will explore five rythms with simple footwork which alows us to experience the earthy nature of Bharata Natyam. Developing these new coordinations in the body are highly energizing, grounding, centering and playful at the same time.

more info: Workshop Sunday 17th April: 13h30-15h30

18 & 20 November

�Havsdagg� is a performance blending Indian classical dance, flamenco and violin music to interpret the poem from the Argentine zamba �Alfonsina y el mar� which addresses the tension between the protective nature and human emotions.

Music: Rocio Vilaplana.
Choreography: Sofia Castro and Pauline Reibell.
Concept and idea: Pauline Reibell (Indian classical dance), Sofia Castro (Flamenco dance), Rocio Vilaplana (violin music).
Presentation at Stallet of an excerpt (20 min)


Facebook event

Bharatha Natyam, one of the Indian classical dances from south India, was born in the temples more than 2 thousands years ago. Earthly rhythmical, sculptural and expressive, this dance form is also considered as a yoga since it referrs to the ancient and sacred texts.

We will learn some basic movements, hand gestures and rhythmical patterns as well as learning some simple choreographic compositions set to indian classical music.

The next weekend for classes is September 12-13th.
There will be one class on Saturday and one on Sunday.
Both are between 13.00-15.00 at Odengatan 36
participation for both days is 400 SEK

Facebook event

Warm Welcome!

PS. And weekly drop in classes will start on fridays from september 25th
18h-19h30, Odengatan 36, participation: 150 SEK

"Stockholm Sangeet Conference är Sveriges största festival för enbart indisk klassisk musik och dans. SSC är inspirerad av hur indiska traditionella festivaler ger publiken ro och tid att sjunka in musikens och dansens intrikata rytmcykler, klanger och och unika uttryck och presenterar varje år toppklassiga internationella såväl som Sverigebaserade artister inom det rika och mångfasetterade fält som utgör indisk klassisk musik och dans idag."

Info and tickets here: Södra teatern

Pauline will be teaching and performing at the Stockholms Yoga & Dance festival in Stockholm 31 Oct - 2 Nov. Welcome!

"Welcome to The Festival of the year. Welcome to an amazing mix of yoga, dance, music and other tickling surprises. This festival brings lightness to the darkness of November. This is where some of the world's most inspiring dance and yoga world's teachers offer closer to 60 amazing workshops. We also present ground-breaking lectures on health, nutrition and meditation. Between classes you can meet the exhibitors in the Wellness Bazaar, eat healthy and organic delicacies in the Raw Food Caf�, perform at our open stage or just hang out, enjoying the atmosphere. The opening party on Friday night and the evening program on Saturday offer music by world-class artists."

Info here:
Stockholm Yoga & Dance festivval

Pauline's classes:
Bharata Natyam - Indian classical dance

Facebook event: Followers' Saturday event

The same day I moved to Brussels from Paris to study contemporary dance in 2000, I was introduced to Argentine Tango and got absorbed into its spiraling intimate embrace. The unique sensation of being danced without knowing anything about the language, the technique nor the music, triggered in me a deep curiosity and joy.

Growing as a tango dancer has been for me a confluent of different sources of inspiration and practices. Through teaching, I wish to share the synthesis I made along the way.

The approach of yoga and Feldenkrais are very genuine tools to achieve the quality of movement I am looking for but most of all, the simple attitude of receiving and giving, sharing, observing, being patient and sensitive to the unknown that this social dance constantly offers.

My learning and professional experience with Indian classical dance has been my core practice, emphasizing on rhythm, coordination, precision, rooting, expressivity and connection to a greater space than cultural identities.

As part of my experience with tango I entered the west end production "Midnight Tango" in London for 2 seasons. This opened the door of stage choreographed tango, which gave me a totally different taste; Sharpness of the group choreographies, stage presence, theatricality.

An important input has been the hours of social dancing, practicing and learning with experienced dancers who could guide me through the range of subtle inner sensations, so the external forms could appear and be shaped. Contrary to the other dances I knew where the focus was to perfect a form, the attention in tango was drawn in the quality of the embrace from where all forms were invited. I just had to allow them to happen through my body.

I also needed the visual inspiration of some women in tango whose quality of movement, creativity, musicality and grace could complement my own exploration.

In this workshop for women/ followers, I would like to explore the body in its dynamic relation to the floor and learn how to be available to move efficiently and develop personal and creative movement qualities. We will be working individually and in pairs, looking together at the details of the technique and see different ways of approaching one movement.

It is finally a question of esthetic, comfort and personal choices as I feel there are as many styles as women dancing tango. Finding your dance as an expression of yourself is the most important gift on this journey.

Participation for the Followers' Saturday: 300 Kr
2015-08-15 - 16.00-19.00
At Luntmakargatan 94-96

Facebook event:
Followers' Saturday event

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Pauline Reibell

Sweden: 0046 70 816 69 52
France: 00336 31 52 86 55

"It is the greatest miracle that a human being, born with so much challenges,
can rise like the lotus flower. It grows in the pond, in the mud pond,
but it remains all its life untouched" - Mooji

Kamala is a Bharata Natyam recital where I assembled relevant compositions, I have learned from Sucheta chapekar and Rama Vaidyanatan, on a more personal thread, using my voice and Sanskrit shlokas as a link to introduce the deities expressing different facets of the mythical lotus flower. Kamala, Mandapa, Paris, January 2014

Technical requirements
Running time: 70�
Performer on stage : 1 dancer
Performing area: minimum of 6 x 4 m
         Minimum technical requirements:
- Lighting with operator
- Sound system with cd player and professional amplification
- 1 dressing room

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"The world can be said to appear, but not to be. The appearance may last very long on some scale of time, and be very short on another, but ultimately it comes to the same. Whatever is time bound is momentary and has no reality."
Nisargadatta Maharaj, I am That

Kâla is a dance solo exploring the concept of Time through the language of Bharata Natyam. Inspired by the legend of Markandeya, who became a great devotee of Shiva and Vishnu, and the non-dual poem of saint Dnyaneshwar, Pauline Reibell questions the movement of time and its illusive power, Maya. How can one be what the sages speak about without clinging to any particular form it should take?

Concept, choreography and dance: Pauline Reibell
With choreographies of Sucheta Chapekar

Technical requirements
Running time: 50min
Performer on stage : 1 dancer
Performing area: minimum of 6 x 4 m
         Minimum technical requirements:
- Lighting and sound system with operator
- 1 dressing room

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